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Waste Water UV Disinfection Unit

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Waste water disinfection system that can control the total coliforms, which is the water quality standard for effluent water to fundamentally block the inflow of microorganisms from the water source and reduce the ecological toxicity caused by chlorine in the effluent water. It can be used for a variety of scales ranging from small-sized wastewater facilities to large sewage treatment plants.

Closed Chamber Type
  • 1
    UV Chamver
  • 2
    Amalgam Lamp / Quartz Sleeve
  • 3
    Auto Cleaning System
  • 4
    Sampling Valve
  • 5
    Drain Valve
Wastewater Discharge Quality Standard in S. Korea
Capacity Total Coliforms(ml) Ecological toxicity(TU)
500m3/day - 3,000 < 1
500m3/day~ District Ⅰ 1,000 < 1
District Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ 3,000 < 1
Flexible modular design
Most efficient amalgam lamp-based system
Auto cleaning system
On-line monitoring system
Cost-effective maintenance, User-friendly design
Wastewater, Re-use water application
Easy expansion to treat higher flows
Standard Specification
UV unit Description ControlPanel Description
Material STS304 Panel material STS304
Work Temp 4~50℃(Water) Main Power 220V, 50 ~ 60Hz, 5kw
Dimension 250W x 2300L x 940H(mm) Ballast Electronic Type
UV Lamp Amalgam Lamp 320W Control System PLC & Touch Screen
Cleaning System Air Cylinder Type / Motor Driven Type